Barrie and Ingrid Temple on Friday 13 March

TemplesBarrie and Ingrid are harmony singers from Newcastle upon Tyne. Although they sing mostly unaccompanied, Barrie also adds concertina or guitar accompaniment to some of their songs. They have been singing together for nearly 40 years and have performed throughout the UK and abroad, at folk clubs and festivals.

Barrie and Ingrid’s singing is mainly traditional with both serious and humorous content. They also perform lots of Barrie’s own songs, which are written in the traditional style. The couple are well respected for their unique style of close harmony singing and their original arrangements. Barrie’s own songs are now being sung and recorded by other folk performers, both here and abroad. Pulling Hard Against the Stream

Tickets £10 (£7 members) can be reserved by emailing us via our contact page. Bring a bottle or two, or enjoy a cuppa from the kitchen.

Annual General Meeting on Friday 20 February

The club’s AGM will be held from 8 until about 9 pm on Friday 20 February. This is open to members from the year 2014–15, as well as those who already have paid-up membership for 2015–16. Members should have received details of the agenda and minutes of the last AGM and nomination slips for committee.

A grand song session will begin after the meeting and is open to all. There is no charge for entry. Bring a bottle or two, or enjoy a cuppa from the kitchen.