Estonian showcase

At the singaround at the White Horse on 14 November, the club will host a showcase by Estonian visitors to Norwich. Entry is free.

Norwich folk club member Chris Davis has regularly been visiting Estonia over the past few years, enjoying the rich folk music and dance culture. During these visits, links have grown with a folk-dancing group from Tallinn. Ironically, they had adopted Scottish dance, but Chris has introduced them to the English folk style, which has become very popular.

One of the visitors is Piia Kaljukivi who plays a small hand-made ‘Kannel’, a traditional plucked string instrument, as well as bagpipes, and it is Piia who will be performing two short spots of Estonian songs and tunes at the Norwich Folk Club.

Folk music is an important aspect of Estonian culture and acted as a rallying point in the move for independence from the Soviet Union. Regular massed singing of 100,000 people would take place in Tallinn, bonding the nation during this uncertain period. Maybe we won’t amass that many at the White Horse, but the evening is equally about the Estonians experiencing aspects of English folk, so please bring your own favourite tunes and songs. It will also be a chance to see your MC for the night, Chris Davis (along with guest performer Piia), in traditional Estonian national dress!

There will be another opportunity to meet the Estonians informally at a ceilidh (just £2 entrance) the next (late) morning, and to learn a couple of Estonian dances.  Details will be given on the Friday night.

Concert-size Estonian kannel

Concert-size Estonian kannel

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