Jez Lowe solo

Jez Lowe, solo

Popular singer-songwriter Jez Lowe will be at the Folk Club on Friday 24 October. Jez was a nominee for BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2008 ‘Folksinger of the Year’. He has a new album just out, his 14th set of original songs of the North Country, and the BBC’s “Radio Ballads” – to which he contributed twenty-odd songs last year- has just won a Sony Radio Academy Award.

The new CD, JACK COMMON’S ANTHEM was inspired by the cult Geordie novelist of that name, whose work chronicled life in the North East in the early 20th Century. Jez Lowe has taken up that same torch a hundred years later, in a selection of songs and tunes that reflect the hard times, the good times, the hard work and hard play of the region where he was born and raised.

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