The Askew Sisters on 3 July

The Askew Sisters

The Askew Sisters

Emily and Hazel Askew are a young duo making waves on the folk scene with their energetic brand of English folk music. They play and sing with an infectious enjoyment and love for the music and their debut album ‘All in a Garden Green’ has been played by radio stations across the UK as well as in America, Canada, France and Australia (and it’s rumoured to be doing well in Japan). The girls have also had a full feature in Living Tradition magazine, written by Brian Peters.

“As more and more people adopt the mantle of traditional music, it is wonderful to see how they treat the material with respect and are prepared to put in hard work researching and collating songs and tunes.” EDS magazine

“The breezy robustness of their musicianship is demonstrated in the joyous way the two parts switch around, colluding and colliding during the course of a tune set, adeptly maintaining listener interest while keeping feet tapping … infectious pumping energy characterises their performance.” fRoots magazine

Start time: 8.30 pm, tickets £8 (£5 members). Reserve seats by email and pay on the door.

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