Miranda Sykes and Rex Preston on 17 December

Miranda Sykes and Rex Preston

As well as being a superb vocalist and double bass player, Miranda Sykes is a great guitarist and slips effortlessly between genres.

Miranda has been touring with Show of Hands and is now working on her fifth solo album project. She is joined by Rex Preston; the most virtuosic mandolin player in the UK today. The fluidity of his style augments Miranda’s songs beautifully. For a taster song clip, click here.

Bring your own refreshments. Tea and coffee available. Let us know if you would like us to save tickets (£8 non-members) by emailing via the ‘About the club’ page.

The club meets every Friday in December, with a Christmas Singaround on 24 December (8-10.30 pm, free entry) and a New Year’s Eve Party on 31 December (8.30 pm till 1 am, £3 non-members) with singaround songs and tunes, and ceilidh dances. Bring liquid refreshment and, perhaps some food to share, to both these special events.

Singarounds with local showcases in November

During November, singarounds continue every Friday, throughout the month, with two special showcase nights with extended spots featuring local folk performers. Free entry. Bring your own refreshments. Tea and coffee available.

On 12 November, we welcome the return of a group of folk stars, known to us as the ‘Zimmer Follies’. Familiar faces on the local folk scene, they come together to present a variety of songs, tunes and other treats in what promises to be a memorable night.

On 26 November, the local showcase features the accomplished singing of June Thaine, David Robertson and Kevin Green. June and David are joined in close harmony by Kevin in a new collaboration, known collectively as Poacher’.